Outreach is an important component of our research activities. Our lab strives to enrich the science and engineering education at McKinley High School in Canton, OH. You may know the name of this school through the TV show Glee and my have guessed that the actual school is vastly different that the one portrayed by the Fox network. Like many public high schools in a low social-economic status area, McKinley's teachers are truly exceptional and wonderful educators. Their efforts are reflected in the student's gradation rate, with as 86% in the 2009-20120 academic year and is significantly higher than the state average. The goals of our partnership are to encourage K-132 student to enter into college, chose a science or engineering major, and provide mentorship and resource that could help them accomplish their goals. These activities are funded by awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Dr. Yun's NSF award directly funds high school teachers and their students for a 10-week summer program. They conduct original research related to the CAREER proposal. In addition, they are mentored to become independent scientist. McKinley's teachers and students are participants of this program (see the Alumni section for former K-12 students).

Dr. Yun also has been awarded a RIGEE (Research Initiation Grants in Engineering Education) grant from the NSF. This proposal will delivery technological innovation to McKinley, North, and Firestone high schools, which are designed to enhance teaching methods and outcomes for students studying science and engineering. Our technology integrates biomedical engineering education with computer science and biological mechanisms associated with working memory that impacted the efficiency of learning. Using Microsoft's Kinect interface, we will non-invasively and interactively stimulate both the visuospatial sketchpad and the embodied cognition components of the student's brain to engage and achieve efficient learning process. We hope this technology will help educators in the efforts to teach complex topics, which is inherent in engineering education.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is located next to McKinley High School.

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