PI: Yalin Dong

Assistant Professor                        

ASEC-108E, Department of Mechanical Engineering

the University of Akron          

Akron, OH, 44325

tel: 330-972-6736

ydong@uakron.edu or yann.dong@gmail.com














At Micro/Nano Engineering Lab, we apply theoretical and numerical methods to interpret and solve engineering problems at micro and nano scale. One aspect of our research is to use atomistic modeling (Density Functional Theory, Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Lattice Dynamics), statisticial modeling (Boltzmann Transport Equation and Monte Carlo Method) and continuum modeling (Finite Differential/Volume/Element Methods) to investigate mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of materials. Another aspect of our research is methodology development. We develop novel and robust numerical methods, and make them available to the research community.


We work closely with Dr. Chang Ye (Assistant Professor at U Akron) to build an integrated team. Dr. Ye is an experimentalist in surface engineering, and laser-based manufacturing. Through the collaboration,  the students in our lab have the opportunities to expose to both experiments and simulations. 


Current research topics include:

1. Nanotribology

2.Contact mechanics and friction

3. Laser shock peening, and laser-based 3D printing

4. Polymer-based composites

5. Ultrasonic Nanocrystal  Surface Modification

6. Interfacial physics  (energy and electronic transport)




PhD students: We have one research assistant opening in the direction of surface engineering and material processing.  Interested students with backgrounds of mechanics, material science, chemical engineering, or applied physics are encouraged to apply. You can send your CV to Dr. Dong (ydong@uakron.edu) or Dr. Ye (cye@uakron.edu). 


Visiting scholars:

Interested visiting students and scholars are welcome to contact Dr. Dong.