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Ph.D., Management Information Systems, University of Arizona
M.S., Computer Science, University of Virginia
B.S.E., Princeton University

Professor McHenry specializes in computers, information systems and electronic commerce in the countries of the former USSR, the global diffusion of the Internet, and knowledge management systems. Other research interests include data base management systems, computer technology transfer, and organizational issues in the introduction of computing. Professor McHenry teaches courses in information systems, knowledge management, data warehousing and decision support systems, and business analytics, and electronic business.. He is fluent in Russian. 


Professor McHenry's most recent paper, “Generational Responses to Knowledge Management and Collaboration: Are GenX and GenY as Different as We Think?” appeared in the Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 43), Jan. 5-9, 2010, in Kauai, Hawaii. This paper found that in one company, at least, young, new employees were being co-opted into the older (non)-sharing culture, rather than changing the culture because of their knowledge of social networking technologies.

Professor McHenry’s other recent work concerns e-government and e-procurement in Russia. A paper on this subject, “Emerging Electronic Procurement in Russia's Regional Governments,” was [published in the Journal of Public Procurement in Summer, 2010. A paper entitled “Potential Threats of Offshoring Software R&D: An Analysis of U.S.-Based Firms that Use ‘Common Criteria’ Certification" was been published in the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. You can access it by going to this URL:

Three other papers have recently been published. “E-Government and Democracy in Russia” in Communications of the AIS poses the question of whether or not Russia is moving towards or away from democracy. The popular wisdom is away, but evidence from e-government websites and the E-Russia program indicate that the answer is less clear. A second paper, also in CAIS, is called “Measuring E-Government: A Case Study Using Russia.” (Note: the Association for Information Systems owns the copyright for these two papers, and use for profit is not allowed). It was an offshoot of the first paper, and examines to what extent we can reach conclusions about e-government levels solely on the basis of website evaluations. A third paper about an innovative e-payments/e-government system in Siberia has been published in the Journal of Enterprise Information Management. Artem Borisov, a recent U of Akron MBA graduate, co-wrote these papers.

Prof. McHenry also maintains a research stream in the offshore software industry. He completed a large-scale study of the Russian offshore software industry with lead author Stephen Hawk. Their paper was published in the Journal of Information Technology for Development, and has been highlighted by the Russian industry itself. A pre-print is available here. His other publications in this line include “The Internet in India and China,” Journal of Information Technologies and Development (coauthor, Fall, 2003), “Using Knowledge Management to Reform the Russian Criminal Procedural Codex,Decision Support Systems (Winter, 2003); and “A Framework For Assessing The Global Diffusion Of The Internet,” (coauthor; JAIS, Nov. 2001).

Professor McHenry has traveled extensively to the former Soviet Union, once as a debater for the Speech Communications Association of America. He has served as a referee for several publications including Communications of the ACM, Information Systems Research, The Information Society, and MIS Quarterly. In 1999 Professor McHenry completed a large study of the Y2K problem in Russia and testified about this subject before the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Problem.

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FALL 2011

Undergraduate Level

6500:425: Decision Support w/Data Warehousing/Data Mining (Fall)

6500:601: Business Analytics and Information Strategy (new!)

6500:644: Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (Fall)


In recent semesters, it has been my pleasure to use a data visualization/business intelligence package called Tableau in 6500:425, 6500:644, and for demonstrations, in 6500:310. Tableau's business intelligence software is provided courtesy of the Tableau for Teaching program.


Master’s Level

6500-640: Information Systems and IT Governance


Undergraduate Level

6500-310: Business Information Systems


Master’s Level

6500-602: Computer Techniques for Management


Previous semesters:

6500-640: Information Systems and IT Governance (now Spring)

6100:201: Introduction to E-Business (Fall and Spring)

6500:425: Decision Support w/Data Warehousing/Data Mining (Fall)

6500:471: Management Project (Fall and Spring)

6500:640: Management Information Systems (Fall)

6500:644: Knowledge Management (Fall)

6500:645: Advanced MIS (Spring)



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