Prof Tessier's course web sites

Web sites for Chemistry courses 151, 153, 399, 472, 572, 497, 619, 620 and 679 taught by Prof. Tessier are on the UA Springboard system.   Log in using your UA user name and password. You will only be able to access the web sites of courses for which you are currently registered. See below if you are interested in enrolling in the internship (Chem 399), undergraduate research (Chem 499) or Honors project (Chem 497) courses. The handouts below are also useful if you have received an IP grade and can no longer access the Springboard sites for Chem 399, 497 or 499.


Internships, undergraduate research and Honors projects

If you follow the directions in the handouts below, internships, undergraduate research, and Honors projects can be applied as elective credit for most bachelors level degrees from the Department of Chemistry. Follow this link to Chemistry degree contracts. The handouts below provide the most recent information. Professor Tessier ( can answer further questions about these courses.

Internships - Chem 399

Undergraduate research and Honor projects - Course numbers 497, 498 and 499 in the Departments of Chemistry, Polymer Science or Biology

  • Depending on your degree program, undergraduate research and/or an Honors project in the Departments of Chemistry, Polymer Science, or Biology can be used as elective credit. Follow this link to the contracts that specify the options for each degree.
  • If you do research or an Honors project in the Departments of Polymer Science or Biology, then there may be additional requirements imposed by those Departments that are not listed if the handouts below.
  • For a complete list of requirements and due dates for Honors projects, see the Honors College web site.
  • Undergrad research and Honor projects - Syllabus
  • Undergrad research or Honors project - Guide to writing the research report or Honors project