Susan Witt, Ph.D., CFCS-HDFS
Professor, Child Development
Director of Graduate Studies
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
The University of Akron


Curriculum Vita


Courses of Study:

Child and Family Development

Links For and About Children for and About Children


Invited Publications

  • The Influence of Television on Children’s Gender Role Socialization (2002).  Reprinted in Windows on Society, 6th & 7th editions., Robert and Jeanette Lauer, Editors.
  • Boys Will Be Boys, and Girls Will Be . . .Hard To Find: Gender Representation in Third Grade Basal Readers (2001).  Reprinted in Education and Society, 3rd ed., Joseph Zajda, Editor.
  • Parents, Children, and Gender Roles (1999). Reprinted in Selected Readings in Marriage and Family, Lorene H. Stone, Editor.

Gender Equity

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