Richard Prum- Mechanisms and evolution of avian plumage and skin color

Pete Vukusic- Physics of color in insects

Ron Rutowski- Lepidopteran color

DJ Brink- Physics of color in birds and Lepidopterans

Andrew Parker- Invertebrate color; optics and evolution

Stephanie Doucet- Plumage color and sexual selection.

Steve Beissinger- Microbes on eggs

Jed Burtt- Ecology of feather-degrading bacteria; microbes on migratory birds.

Jann Ichida- Feather-degrading bacteria.

Dale Clayton- Host-parasite relations.

Michael Lombardo - Sexually transmitted diseases; benefical microbes.

David Westneat- Sexually transmitted diseases; benefical microbes.

Dan Cristol- Feather-degrading bacteria.

Philipp Heeb - Feather-degrading bacteria.

Sharon Roberts- Host-parasite coevolution.

Mary Garvin- Avian virology.

Dan Mennill - Bird song.

Herman Mays- Avian Molecular ecology; curator at the Cincinnati Museum

Andy Jones- Avian phylogeny, curator at the Cleveland Museum


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