Associate Professor

Biology Department and Integrated BioScience Program

University of Akron

We welcome Brani Igic as a new post-doc in the lab!

New papers on antimicrobial nanostructures in eggs, avian leptin and antireflection nanostructures in feathers are forthcoming in Journal of Experimental Biology, PLoS ONE and Optics Express

We have published two papers in Nature on 1) the colors of extinct marine reptiles and 2) a possible shift in the melanocortin system of feathered dinosaurs as indicated by an enhanced diversity of melanosome shape.

Matthew Shawkey has been awarded a new 3 year grant from the AFOSR to study and mimic avian optical nanostructures.

Congratulations to Chad Eliason on his recently published paper in Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B about the optical effects of hollow melanosomes.

Congratulations to Rafael Maia on his published paper in PNAS about the evolution of shiny colors in african starlings. Covered in National Geographic

Matthew Shawkey has been awarded a Young Investigator's grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program with Mark Hauber (Hunter College, NYC), Tomáš Grim (Palacký University, Czech Republic), Geoff Waterhouse (University of Auckland, New Zealand) to study mechanisms and evolution of egg color.

Liliana D'Alba and Matthew Shawkey received an NSF grant to study dinosaur color with Julia Clarke (University of Texas-Austin).