Robert D. Peters, Student of Electrical Engineering, University of Akron, class of 2008

The purpose of this site is to serve as a repository of notes, lab work, and homework assignments organized by term and class. It may also host technology demonstrations and personal information at a later date. Please do not hack, crack, or otherwise deface my webpage.

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2005 Fall:

Humanities in the Western Tradition

Tools for Electrical and Computer Engineering

Physics for Engineers and Scientists I

Calculus II

2006 Spring:

Calculus III

Circuits I w/ Lab

Physics II w/ Lab


Programming for Engineers

2006 Summer

Circuits II w/ Lab

Switching and Logic w/ Lab

Differential Equations

2006 Fall:

Mechanics of Solids

Energy Conversion w/ Lab

Signals and Systems

Electromagnetics I

Physical Electronics

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