These are the Families You Help in Nicaragua


This webpage is dedicated to
Jean and Fred Lee & Kara and David

Arturo & Ruth Pérez children--Marquisa, Edwin, Maria Nela, Leo, Marta Raquel & Alejandra


Marta Gomez, her son Bran Antonio, and her daughters Eleana and Rafaela


Emelina and her family--Tamara, Alejandra, Jenifer, Maria Angelia, Winnie, Alberto


Fransisco Rójas, his wife Maria Elena, daughters Dania & Kenia, and his son Josué Ezequiel


Concepción Pérez with mother Edomilia, daughter Veronica, & sons Alejandro & Jose


Dominga Orosco and her baby (absent: husband Carlos and another son)

Missing at the moment are
Erasmo and his Family
Edwin and his Family