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Welcome to The University of Akron Digital Ink Group:

Mission:  To constantly explore the use of technology in the teaching and learning process, to support by conversation the innovators and early adopters of classroom technology especially in the new arena of Digital Ink Technology.

Who can join:  Any faculty or staff member involved in the teaching and learning process who will contribute to the conversation about the uses of innovative classroom technology.  Also students who are interested or participants.

How to join:  There is an email discussion list for this group called  Send your request to Steve Myers at

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This page is mainained by Steven C. Myers.  If you are looking for my personal homepage instead of this go here.

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Here is an example using on my Lenova x220 Tablet PC

"Digital Ink in and out of the classroom"

Mount Vernon Nazarene University
March 10, 2009

Two workshops at CELT 2008
April 7 10:30-11:30 SU310 "The Tablet PC in the Classroom -- Introduction"
  • pdf verstion of the powerpoint
    • This interactive session will cover using the Tablet as a Whiteboard with an overhead projector as well as electronic grading and markup. Various software programs will be covered and introduced to assist your presentation as well as managing your workflow via electronic grading and markup. Coverage includes Word, PowerPoint, MS Journal, Outlook, One Note, Adobe Acrobat and Bluebeam Revu. Attendees will be introduced to the UAdig (UA Digital Ink Group) and will learn about research and resources for the Tablet PC.
  • download and install the free trial of Bluebeam Revu during this session.  This is only $30 for educators and students.
April 8 9:30-10:30 SU310 "The Tablet PC in the Classroom -- Advanced"
  • pdf verstion of the powerpoint
    • Bring your Tablet PC and download free and trial software that will help you see ways the Tablet PC can enhance both student learning and make you more efficient. Picking up where the introductory course lets off, this course will have all attendees install Bluebeam Revu and DyKnow Vision and experience computing at its best. Find out why these two tools will change the way you teach and your students learn. Plenty of time to ask questions and explore opportunities will be allowed. Everyone will be introduced to UAdig (UA Digital Ink Group) and we may explore how to contribute to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning centering on the Tablet PC.
  • download the DyKnow Vision client ( website)

Three Institute for Teaching and Learning workshops, September 14 and 17, 2007
Join the discussion list, ask your questions and contribute your experiences.

Recommended Links:

  • Myers and Talley. "Looking beyond the Whiz-bang Technology:  Using Mobile Learning Technology Tools to Improve Economic Instruction"  Presented to the AEA/CAI group, ASSA Annual Meetings, Chicago, January 7, 2007
  • Myers “Why Your Next Laptop Needs a Pen: Using Mobile Learning Technology to Improve Teaching and Learning,” A CELT Interactive Workshop, Akron, April 2 and 3, 2007.  (pdf  of DyKnow Vision session).
  • Myers “Why the UA Faculty Should Get Tablet PCs” a paper written and submitted internally to the laptop refresh committee via Herb Matheny. A copy also appears online on my blog (click here for that paper).
  • Myers “Learning Econometrics in a Problem Based Learning Curriculum with the Tablet PC: An experiment in 1:1 computing.” Poster Presentation, Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education, Purdue University, June 11-12, 2007 (ppt presentation)

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