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Fall 2018 - E244 and E600 Book and Syllabus

Two books in Economic Analysis

(1) The primary book is by Timothy Taylor and Steve Greenlaw is FREE and Open Source. Please go to this link to acquire the text.

Henry Hazlitt.  Economics in One Lesson. This text is freely available, please download it and read the first two chapters and then any other one chapter. I bet you get hooked and read more. FEE has begun charging $1 for the text at
A pdf version is at PDF file, a compatible with word DOC file or an abridged audio book in MP3 file).  If you want a physical book or a Kindle edition which are not free see here).

Syllabii - Most recent courses offered

More information will be available once you are admitted to the course.

Some current and past Syllabii are available for your viewing:

  1. 3250:100 Introduction to Economics, Spring 2018 (pdf version)
  2. 3250:226 Computer Skills for Economic Analysis, Fall 2017 ( pdf version) Lab course
  3. 3250:226 Computer Skills for Economic Analysis, Fall 2018 (pdf version)
  4. 3250:244 Introduction to Economic Analysis, Summer 2018 ( pdf version100% Online
  5. 3250:244 Introduction to Economic Analysis, Fall 2018, (pdf version) 100% online
  1. 3250:626 Applied Econometrics I, Fall 2017 ( pdf version)  DyKnow Vision class
  2. 3250:626 Applied Econometrics I, Fall 2018 (pdf version)
  3. 3250:627 Econometrics Spring 2016 ( pdf version)  DyKnow Vision class
  4. 3250:600 Foundations of Economic Analysis Summer 2018 ( pdf version)  100% Online
  5. 3250:600 Foundations of Economic Analysis, Fall 2018 (pdf version) 100% Online

Economics in One Lesson Free pdf or MP3 at  

Learning Objectives by Chapter

Buy both of the next two books Microeconomics and Macroeconomics to have the same content as Parkin. Economics, 8th edition above. Buying both might be cheaper than the one larger book.

Microeconomics (8th Edition) Macroeconomics (8th Edition)


Econometrics Books


If you are in the two 100% online courses you will be asked to take a few quizzes as part of the first module.

These two are:

  1. Is Distance Learning For Me
  2. VARK - a test of learning styles

When you need help there are Frequently Asked Questions and Answers posted here on the FAQ page (click here).

Springboard is the Course Management System (Web-pages) that we will use for our classes.

See the introduction to the online Economic Analysis class (this presentation is in Module 1)
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