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Economics Department

General FAQs

I am thinking of taking the online economic analysis course (or have just enrolled). What do I do now?
Review the online page and review your syllabus.  If you are not enrolled, review one of the syllabuses from the past.

How do I find the online textbook for the course? See the syllabus and look for the answer in the Springboard course.  If you purchased the MyEconLab, you may have to add the eText feature.

Can you show me the course design?  (jpeg file)

Logging on to your class in Springboard:  Go to and log in with your UAnetID and password.  Explore the page carefully.  If all fails contact

What was that page that was displayed after my learning assessment was submitted?  Can I see it again?  (html)

Do the quizzes ever get more "straight forward?" (pdf)

What are the learning objectives of the course? ( html )

What chapters are in each module?   ( html )

I take the quizes, but how do I review them?  (jpg)

Micro FAQs

How do I calculate the slope of a curved line?  (pdf)

Help with Comparative Advantage versus Absolute Advantage.  [includes quiz question (pdf)]

Surplus and shortages:  why does the lower quantity rule? (pdf)

What happens when both demand and supply change? [includes exercise  worksheet (pdf)]

What is the difference between the momentary, short-run and long-run supply curves? (mp3 audio file)

Compliments in consumption:  Why does an increase in the price of hot dogs cause less demand for mustard? (pdf)

Substitutes in consumption:  Pepsi and Coke.  (pdf)

Could you briefly explain how income tax effects aspects of market/business? (pdf)

Why is TVC curve steeper at the beginning and end, but less steep in the middle? [ uses graphics from the text (pdf)]

When exactly would you use the average total cost, average profit, marginal profit, total cost, total variable cost, and total fixed cost concepts? [answer highlights the shut down decision (pdf)]

Can you discuss the profit maximization output and pricing and profitability and shut down rules all markets must consider?  [partial answer (pdf)]

What is the size of consumer surplus and producer surplus at equilibrium? (pdf)

How does revenue change with changes in elasticity? (pdf)

Earnings and Elasticity of Labor Demand (pdf)

How doe we calculate the marginal revenue product of a skill? [includes a quiz question (pdf)]

Can marginal cost (MC) be the same as marginal social cost (MSC)?  (pdf)

Negative externalities or What is the difference between MPC and MSC? [uses graphics from the text (pdf)]

Positive externalities or What is the difference between MPB and MSB? [uses graphics from the text (pdf)]

How do I calculate a deadweight loss for a tax on suppliers? (pdf)

How to calculate a deadweight loss from a "real" problem. (pdf)

Market Structure
  • Could you please explain contestable markets?  (MP3 file)
I find the whole concept of predatory pricing to be illogical, for the same reasons that the book pointed out, and it would make sense that no case of it has ever been definitively found. It's odd that prosecutors still use it as an accusation. You'd think it would be be pretty much impossible to prove. What happened in the Rockefeller case that the book mentioned?  (html external page)
Macro FAQs

Unemployment and definitions [includes quiz question (pdf)]

Comment on Investment demand and Savings Supply [includes quiz questions (pdf)]

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