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My Online Course Page for Current and Past Students

My Scholarship in Teaching, Assessment and Learning

The University of Akron Digital Ink Group

Student Portfolios in the Department of Economics
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Midwest Conference on Student Learning in Economics:  Innovation, Assessment and Classroom Research at the University of Akron
(Next Conference TBA / Spring 2008)

Teaching and Learning Economics with Technology
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A blog out of my Springboard Classes

(my blog on educause.com)

My Google Profile

My picture site called Graphs only an Economist can love. (I do not own the copyright to all of these images, but have used them in postings and presentations where they have been given full attribution.)

SOTAL-Econ - Teaching Conference Listings
(this is no longer maintained and is here only for the historical curiousity)

BSA Troop One

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Department of Economics

Associate Professor of Economics
SoTAL Fellow
Former Assistant to VPCIO for Distance Learning Services

Former Chief Information Officer

CAS 445
The Department of Economics
The University of Akron
Akron, OH 44325-1980 

(330) 972-7421 office phone and FAX

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