March 16, 2014

This page links to the latest versions of syllabi for courses that I am currently teaching in rotation at the University of Akron. Recently, I've also taught a number of special topics courses including: Prehistoric Religion, Ceramic Petrography (co-taught with Dr. Alice Hunt), and Materials Science (co-taught with Dr. Richard Eliott). Course readings, handouts, and other materials have been moved to the UA SpringBoard site for active students.

The University of Akron is honored to house the James E. and Marjorie A. Akins Collection of ancient Near Eastern artifacts. The Akin Collection includes over 5,000 donated artifacts from Iraq collected in the 1960s. The collection forms a core teaching resource for the Department of Anthropology & Classical Studies. Students in my Ancient Near East course (3240:360) conduct research projects with artifacts in the collection and maintain thematic displays highlighting the collections in the display cases in Olin Hall at the University of Akron. I am currently the Curator of the Akins Collection.