January 1, 2014

I am a Near Eastern archaeologist with a specialization in Early Bronze Age urbanism and the archaeology of the Assyrian Empire in the Iron Age. I have directed excavations in Turkey for the past two decades. My other field experience spans a range of archaeological periods in Syria, Iraq, Israel, India, Azerbaijan, England, and the United States. My academic position is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Akron in Ohio and I teach a variety of archaeology courses in our undergraduate degree program.

My current research centers around the publication of three archaeological expeditions. Most recently, my research team at the site of Ziyaret Tepe, the Assyrian city of Tušhan, completed our 17th digging season in 2013. Ziyaret Tepe sits along the Tigris River in the Diyarbakir Province of southeastern Turkey. My team and I have a study season planned for the summer of 2014 and have embarked on an ambitious plan for final publication of the results of this large, interdisciplary research project. I am also working on the final publication of the results of excavations at Titriş Höyük, an Early Bronze Age city in the Şanlıurfa Province in Turkey. The Titris Hoyuk excavations ran from 1991 to 1999 and I co-directed the final six seasons starting in 1994 with my colleague Prof. Guillermo Algaze of the University of California in San Diego. Finally, I am also working on a final publication of the results of an expedition led by Dr. Erich Schmidt in 1934-1936 to the Neolithic-Chalcolithic village of Cheshmeh Ali in north central Iran.

In addition to my field research into the ancient Near East, I also remain active in the application and development of shallow subsurface geophysical and geochemical prospection techniques. Since 2001, I have team-taught geophysical survey techniques - magnetic gradiometry and electrical resistivity - to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Akron with my colleages in the archaeology program and in the Department of Geosciences. Most recently, I am working with a consortium of academic and public sector researchers (the S4 Group) on the development a new technology for the minimally invasive detection and chemical characterization of subsurface archaeological features using NIR and visible light spectroscopy.