Current Funded Research

Development of an Instrument for Single Cell Electrical Stimulation and Analysis

(NSF ECCS Award 1625544)

IDBR: TYPE A: An Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Parallel Analysis of Cell Secretome and Cell Responses in Real Time

(NSF DBI Award 1353720)

Rapid, Selective, Onsite Detection of Bacterial Pathogens Using A Bioinspired Microfluidic Sensor

(NSF ECCS Award 1200032)


Past Research

IDR: A Novel Multiplexed Multichannel Biosensor Chip for High-Throughput Detection of Macromolecular Biomarkers

(NSF CMMI Award 1129727)

A High Throughput Microfluidic Sensor for Real Time Health Monitoring of Rotating Machinery 

(NSF CMMI Award 0968736) 

Multiplexed Microfluidic BioMEMS Systems Based on Coulter Counting Principle

Nanofabrication of Field-Effect Fluidic Channels for High Speed Microfluidic Biosensors

Micro/Nano Scale Bioparticle Sorting and Manipulation

Microfluidic Sensors for Oil Debris and Property Monitoring