Astley Lab Members

Principal Investigator
Henry Astley
Assistant Professor
Biomimicry Research & Innovation Center
Depts. of Biology & Polymer Science
Lab C301
Office C308
Office Phone: 330-972-8192
Aubrun Science Center
235 Carroll st.
Akron OH 44325-3908
Graduate Students
Stephen P. Howe
Biomechanics of Turning in Fish
BRIC Biomimicry Fellow
BS in Biology from Westmont College
Derek J. Jurestovsky
Biomechanics of Snake Locomotion
IB Ph.D student
MS in Geosciences from East Tennessee State University
BS in Geology: Paleontology from Northern Arizona University
Colleen Unsworth
Biomechanics of Insect Wing Folding
BRIC Biomimicry Fellow
BS in Biology from Grand Valley State University
Kaelyn Gamel
Biomechanics of Underwater Walking
IB Ph.D student
MS & BA in Biology from New Jersey Institute of Technology
Undergraduate Students
David Leffler
Electromyography of fish maneuvering
Major: Biology
Nicholas Stricklen
Fish maneuvering
Major: Exercise Science
Megan Lee
Underwater walking biomechanics
Major: Biology (Pre-Physical Therapy), Minor: Psychology
Walid Abuhashim
Praying Mantis strike biomechanics
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Logan Usher
Vertical undulation in snakes
Major: Biology (pre-med)
Research Experience for
Lab Alumni
Amith Rao2016-2018 - Biomechanics of Tree Frog Jumping
Major: Natural Science
Current Position: Medical School at NEOMED
Hamna SiddiquiSummer 2017 - Biomechanics of Tendons
REU student from Dennison University
Major: Chemistry
Emily Trenka2016-2017 - Force Sensing Gels
Major: Computer Science

Current Position: Foundation Software
Jennifer McCoySummer 2018 - Hydrodynamics of Crocodile Tail Serrations
RET Biology teacher for GlenOak High School in Canton
B.S. in Biology - U. of Akron (2008)
Dalia LaredoSummer 2018 - Tendon Hysteresis in mice
REU Student from Carnegie Mellon
Major: Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Christina LeeSummer 2018 - Biomimetic Robotic Fish Turning
Summer student from Boston College
Major: Biology & Psychology
Sophie Cressman2016-2018 - Biomechanics of Underwater Walking in Salamanders
Major: Biochemistry & Applied Math
Current Position:Vet School at OSU
Dana Cressman 2016-2018 - Biomechanics of Underwater Walking in Salamander Robots
Major: Chemical Engineering
Current Position: Procter and Gamble

Interested in joining the lab? We are always looking for enthusiastic students with an interest in animal locomotion, including both undergraduates and prospective graduate students. Email Dr. Astley for more information.