Take Action! Prevent Crime.

Take charge of your home, your belongings, your life.

Be a take charge person for a safer Akron.

It's understandable for most people to have some fears about the incidence of crime in America today. It's a growing concern, especially for our Senior Citizens.

And if you think about it, deep down inside, most people probably want to trust, want to feel hopeful, protected and safe.

But let's face the sad truth - there are those who continually take the opportunity to commit crimes for one reason or another.

Seems like we've all complained about it, but what specific actions have you taken lately to help prevent crime from occurring?

You're in charge of your own life. Now is the time to Take Action! You can make a difference. First, be fully aware of your everyday surroundings.

Second, take appropriate action to reduce possible risks and remove opportunities for crime to occur. Consider the following ways you can Take Action to prevent crime while at home or away.

While at Home...

Install deadbolt locks.

Don't let strangers into your home, for any reason.

Offer to make telephone calls for them while they remain outside.

Keep all hidden entries locked. (Garage, basement, roof, etc.)

Close window curtains at night.

Keep money and other valuables in a bank.

Have Social Security or pension checks deposited directly to your bank account.

Call police if you hear or see any suspicious activity.

When working outside in your yard or driveway, lock your home.

When You Leave Home...

Lock doors and windows.

Leave a light on (inside and outside).

Go with a friend, if possible.

Choose a safe, well-lighted route.

Don't carry large amounts of cash.

Carry your wallet in a safe inside pocket.

If you must carry a purse, hold it firm and close to your body.

Stay alert at all times.

When You Drive...

Keep doors locked and windows up.

Keep valuables out of sight.

Park close to your destination in a well-lighted area.

Look around outside before leaving your car.

Always take your car keys and lock your car.

Have your keys ready when you return to your car and examine front and back seats before you enter.

If You Go on a Long Trip...

Leave your home with a lived-in appearance.

Cancel all home deliveries.

Put lights on timers.

Ask police and close neighbors to keep an eye on your home or apartment.

Arrange to have your lawn mowed in summer, and your walks and drive shoveled or appeared to be used in the winter.

Any Situation Concerning Your Money or Property...

Don't jump into anything-ever!

Don't release any information over the phone.

Never sign a contract until your lawyer, banker or other expert has examined it.

If you're pressured to buy "right away" or "before it's too late" - DON'T!

Check offers out with the Better Business Bureau.

No one in an official capacity will ever ask to use your money to investigate a problem at a bank. Don't become involved. Contact your bank and the police immediately.

No one offers to share found money with a stranger.

Don't be taken in - call the police.

If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Being nice to strangers may cost you your money or your property.

If A Crime Occurs:

If a crime is committed, or you're faced with a criminal situation, you can still Take Action.

Think quickly and clearly...be a take charge person.

Keep in mind these Take Action tips:

If your home is burglarized while you're away...

Don't go inside if you think someone is there.

Call police at once from a neighbor's phone.

If you go inside, don't touch anything-other than your phone.

If your home is burglarized while you're there...

Don't confront the burglar.

If possible, lock the bedroom door from inside.

Call police from your extension phone in the bedroom. If you don't have one, you should have one installed.

If you are held up or your purse is snatched...

Don't fight back except in self-defense.

Quickly hand over wallet or purse.

Notify police immediately.

If you've been swindled...

Report incident to police immediately. Fast action may save your money. If approached by a con person, call the police -even if you don't become a victim.

REMEMBER: You're in charge of your own life...

Be fully aware of your everyday surroundings: your home, neighborhood, and workplace.

Take action to reduce possible risks.

Report all crimes and suspicious actions to police.

Organize your neighborhood into an active block club or block watch. You can make a difference.

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