Want a list of winning numbers from EVERY Ohio Lottery, Mega Millions and Power Ball drawings?

What numbers hit more often than others?

How many Pick 3 numbers have been drawn on the same day?

How many Pick 3 numbers have been drawn three times in the same month?

How many even numbers were drawn vs. odd?

Wonder how many times your favorite numbers have won in the past?

How many Pick 4 numbers have NEVER hit?

Don't live in Ohio and want to track the winning lottery numbers in your state? E-mail me!
46 states have lotteries and most have similar games - Pick 3, Pick 4, etc. The numbers in the
spreadsheet can easily be changed to create your own database of numbers for your state.

The files contain over:

18,500 Pick 3 numbers (started 12/3/79)

17,000 Pick 4 numbers (started 4/9/81)

  3,700 Pick 5 Numbers (started 8/12/12)

  4,600 Rolling Cash 5 numbers (started 10/4/04)

  1,600 Classic Lotto numbers (started 1/22/07)

     800 Kicker Numbers (started 04/30/12) - Drawn same days as Classic Lotto numbers

  2,000 Mega Million numbers (started 09/06/96) - First Ohio drawing was 05/17/02

  1,800 Power Ball numbers (started 11/5/97) - First Ohio drawing was 4/17/10

     250 Lucky For Life numbers - First Ohio drawing was 11/16/15

Results from individual games are only 99 cents each!

Lottery numbers are in Microsoft Excel. Compatible with Microsoft Office versions Excel 97 and up. Don't have Microsoft Office?
Open Office software is completely free and can be downloaded from and is compatible with MS Office.

Macros included to perform frequency counts on all games.

Also included are quite a few interesting facts about the Lottery such as the drawings where a ball was missing and the
Ohio Lottery
was forced to pay out two jackpots, largest jackpot, lowest high number, highest low number, even vs. odd counts for
Pick 3, Pick 4 &
Pick 5. Jackpot amounts and number of winning tickets for Mega Millions & Power Ball.

This complete list of numbers for all the games are NOT available from the Ohio Lottery on their web site at
Only winning numbers for a specific date (between 1/1/2000 and now), previous results from last 180 drawings as well as yearly PDF files are available.
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