A/FD Airport/Facility Directory
AAS Airport Advisory Service
ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
AD Airworthiness Directive
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
AGL Above Ground Level
AIM Airmans Information Manual
ALS Approach Light System
ARSA Airport Radar Service Area
ARSR Air Routs Surveillance Radar
ARTCC Air Route Traffic Control Center
ASR Airport Surveillance Radar
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATIS Auto Terminal Information Service
AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
CAS Calibrated Air Speed
CONSOL Low or Medium Frequency Long Range Navigational Aid
CT Control Tower
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequencies
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
CZ Control Zone
DH Decision Height
DME Distance Measuring Equipment Compatible with TACAN
EAS Equivalent Air Speed
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations
FDR Flight Data Recorder
FM Fan Marker
FSS Flight Service Station
GS Glide Slope
HIRL High Intensity Runway Light system
HIWAS Hazardous Inflight Weather Advisory Service
IAS Indicated Airspeed
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
ILS Instrument Landing System
IM Inner Marker
INT Intersection
LDA Localizer Directional Aid
LFR Low Frequency Radio Range
LMM Locator at Middle Marker (compass)
LOC ILS Localizer
LOM Compass Locator at Outer Marker
M Mach Number
MAA Maximum Authorized IFR Altitude
MALS Medium intensity Approach Light System
MALSR Medium intensity Approach Light System w/Runway Alignment lights
MCA Minimum Crossing Altitude
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude
MEA Minimum Enroute IFR Altitude
MM Middle Marker
MOA Military Operation Area
MOCA Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitude
MRA Minimum Reception Altitude
MSL Mean Sea Level
MTR Military Training Route
NAV/COM Navigation Communications Radio
NAVAID Navigational Aid
NDB Non Directional Beacon (ADF)
NFCT Non-Federal Control Tower
NO A/G No Air to Ground Communications
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOPT No Procedure Turn Required
NOTAM Notice to Airmen Affecting Airport
OEI One Engine Inoperative
OM Outer Marker ILS
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting
RAIL Runway Alignment Indicator Light System
RBN Radio Beacon
RCLM Runway Centerline Marking
RCLS Runway Centerline Light System
REIL Runway End Identification Lights
RFSS Remote Flight Service Station
RR Low or Medium Frequency Radio Range Station
RVR Runway Visual Range as measured in the touchdown zone area
SALS Short Approach Light System
SOB Souls On Board
SSALS Simplified Short Approach Light System
SSALSR Simplified Short Approach Light System w/Runway alignment lights
TA Transition Area
TAC Terminal Area Chart
TACAN Tactical Air Navigational Aid (UHF)
TAS True Air Speed
TCA Terminal Control Area
TCAS Traffic Collision Avoidance System
TDZL Touch Down Zone Lights
TRACON Terminal Radar Approach Control
TRSA Terminal Radar Service Area
TVOR Terminal VHF Omnirange Station
TWEB Transcribed Weather Broadcast
UNICOM Aeronautical Advisory Communication
V1 Takeoff decision speed (formerly denoted as critical engine failure speed)
V2 Min minimum takeoff safety speed
V2 Takeoff safety speed
VA Design Maneuvering Speed
VB Design Speed for Maximum Gust Intensity
VC Design Cruising Speed
VD Design Diving Speed
VDF/MDF Demonstrated Flight Diving Speed
VF Design Flap Speed
VFC/MFC Maximum Speed for Stability Characteristics
VFE Maximum Flap Extended Speed
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VH Maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power
VHF Very High Frequency
VLE Maximum landing gear extended speed
VLO Maximum landing gear operating speed
VLOF Lift-off Speed
VMC Minimum control speed with the critical engine inoperative
VMO/MMO Maximum operating limit speed
VMU Minimum unstick speed
VNE Never-exceed speed
VNO Maximum structural cruising speed
VOR VHF Omnirange Station
VOR-DME VHF Omnidirectional Range/Distance Measuring Equipment
VORTAC VHF Omnidirectional Range/Tactical Air Navigation
VR Rotation speed
VS Stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed at which the airplane is controllable
VS0 Stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration
VS1 Stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed obtained in a specific configuration
VTOL Vertical Take Off and Landing
VTOSS Takeoff Safety Speed for Category A Rotorcraft
VX Speed for best angle of climb
VY Speed for best rate of climb