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Professor of Chemical Engineering
The University of Akron

Ph.D. (1985) Pennsylvania State University
MS (1982) Virginia Polytechnic Institute
BS (1980) Newport College

Research Interests:

Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Bonding,
Molecular Simulations, Perturbation Theory and Integral Equation Theory
Experimental Phase Equilibrium Measurements, Chemical Reaction Engineering
Supercritical Fluid Processing, Microcellular Foams
Please view complete publications for more detail

Online Demonstration of SPEADMD, a molecular dynamics simulation package for chemical process and product design.

Educational Interests:

Mainstreaming molecular dynamics exposure in introductory thermodynamics (e.g. Etomica)
ConcepTesting using "Clickers"
Objective assessment of learning outcomes
Variations in curricula by countries and regions
Intro Text with Interactive Spreadsheets and Programs (including PR and ESD EOSs)


Complete Publication List (check here for link addresses to databases etc.)

Access the Home Page of the Midwest Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Conference

(CalcEos.zip) Program for calculating phase equilibria with Peng-Robinson, ESD, Wong-Sandler, and SPEAD Equation Of State models.

Notes and xls tools for chemical process economics(PECON). Includes basics for equipment sizing with hand calculations and a brief overview of the Chemical Process Industries and CBE curriculum.

(TutorCC5.zip) Workbook and tutorial for chemical process design using ChemCAD.

Access the Korean Database (Use Internet Explorer) Resource Page (Tc,Pc,w,VLE,...)

Access the
ThermoGraphics page for visualizing phase diagrams.

Mansoori's Links to Thermo Tutorial Sites (Phase Diagrams, you name it,...)

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J. Richard Elliott Jr (elliot1@uakron.edu)

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