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Dog Sled Racing in Ohio

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Dog Sled Racing in Ohio

This is an educational site to introduce you to the wonderful opportunity to witness sled dog racing. The photos that you see in the video were taken by me at the 2010 Sled Dog Race Classic held at Punderson State Park in Newbury OH. The race is dependent upon snow, and this is the first time the race has been held in four years. The weather conditions were excellent with over a foot of packed snow, clear sky, little wind, and frigid temperatures. The race takes place over two days during the weekend and is sponsored by the Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland. To learn more about dog sledding and to see even better photos and movies of this year's event, visit

I have never used Microsoft Movie Maker before, so I began this project by reading through the class instructions, visiting MS Help, and viewing learning videos on You Tube. Once I had an understanding of the tool, I reviewed my vast collection of digital photographs to determine my subject matter. Since I had already done a project on Balto and the Great Race for Mercy, it made sense to use pictures that I took at the Northeast Ohio Sled Dog Classic. I laid out the photos in the project storyboard and edited them for sequence and appeal. I added images of the husky club's website home page and a photo posted on their site from one of their members. All other photos are mine. I recorded an explanation about the dog race so viewers know what the movie is about. I added music to the front and back of the video to add interest and flow. I published the movie to my computer, then converted the file using the Embedded Media HTML Generator available free from the Internet. I used the code from the generator to run the movie from my web page. I hope you like the results.

Punderson State Park Dog Sled Classic