Auditory-Verbal Philosophy
The auditory philosophy supports the basic human right that children
with all degrees of hearing impairment deserve an opportunity
to develop the ability to listen and to use verbal communication within
their own family and community constellations.

Support and promote programs for early detection of hearing impairment and provide the earliest and most appropriate medical and amplification technology.

Instruct primary care-givers in ways to provide maximal and meaningful acoustic stimulation.

Seek to integrate listening into the child's total personality in response to the environment.
Support the view that communication is a social act and improve the spoken interaction between care-giver and child including the use of the parents as primary models for spoken language.
Seek to establish the child's integrated auditory system to self monitor emerging speech.
Use natural patterns of stimulation to encourage emergence of listening, speech, and language.
Make ongoing evaluations an integral part of the process.
Support mainstreaming and integration of children with hearing loss into regular classes.


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