Dana Williams

Presentations (Post-2000)
Social Work class Media December 2, 2004
Intro Sociology class Activism and social movements December 1, 2004
AAUP union rally Why students should support the UA faculty union  
East Lakes AAG conference "Red vs. Green: Regional Variation in Anarchist Ideology in the United States" October 16, 2004
Sociology Department / Soc. 753 "Anarchists and Labor Unions" August 23, 2004
Intro Sociology class Activism and social movements April 29, 2004
Social Work class "CorpOrNation" and corporate power April 16, 2004
North Central Sociological Association "Feeder Marches and 'Diversity of Tactics' in the Northeast Ohio Anti-war Activism" April 2, 2004
CCAW Debate Military intervention debate October 14, 2003
Two Social Work classes "CorpOrNation" and corporate power July 8 & 14, 2003
Civil Liberties Conference Risks to anti-war dissent (w/ Greg Coleridge) May 17, 2003
CCAW Teach-in about the Invasion of Iraq Media April 15, 2003
Catholic Worker roundtable Conscientious Objection February 7, 2003
Two Social Work classes Media November 25 & 26, 2002
STAND Workshop Consensus decision making & organizing November 24, 2002
MESA Film Showing "Killing the Children", Iraq, and sanctions November 14, 2002
Social Work class Independent Akron Media (IAM) and STAND July 3, 2002
Thesis defense Food security and access in Akron, Ohio June 11, 2002
Association of American Geographers Food security and access in Akron, Ohio March 23, 2002
WEF Teach-In (sponsored by NEO-RAN) Rewards of resistance to global capitalism January 25, 2002
Two Introduction to Geography classes Food security and access, Akron, Ohio November 2001
Nine separate Introduction to Geography classes Geographic Information Systems November 14-15, 2001
Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) conference Consensus decision making (w/ Angela Modugno) November 10, 2001
Thesis proposal defense Food security and access November 1, 2001
Northern Plains Confernence on American Indian Team Nicknames and Logos Activism, specifically anti-racist activism October 4, 2001
Social Work class Akron Food Not Bombs and STAND October 1, 2001
Two English Composition classes World Bank and IMF (w/ Angela Modugno) Septmember 18, 2001
(Re-)Create Democracy rally What the 2000 elections didn't address January 20, 2001
East Lakes AAG conference Migration in Akron, Ohio October 20, 2000
Community forum on Philly 2000 demos (Republican Convention) Why protest the Republican National Convention? August 24, 2000
Conferences (Post-2000)
East Lakes AAG Athens, Ohio October 16, 2004
North Central Sociological Association Cleveland, Ohio April 2, 2004
Civil Liberties Conference Berea, Ohio May 17, 2003
Throwing a Wrench in the War Machine Kent, Ohio May 3, 2003
Symposium on the Economics of Criminal Justice Kent, Ohio April 10, 2003
Progressive Scholars Conference Akron, Ohio March 8, 2003
Confronting Sexual Violence in Ourselves and Our Communities Cleveland, Ohio February 1, 2003
Oberlin Anti-War Conference Oberlin, Ohio December 7, 2002
Underground Publishing Conference Bowling Green, Ohio June 22 -23, 2002
Association of American Geographers Los Angeles, California March 21-23, 2002
Keep Space For Peace Cleveland, Ohio October 13, 2001
Northern Plains Conference on American Indian Team Nicknames and Logos Grand Forks, North Dakota October 3-6, 2001
Matches & Mayhem Chicago, Illinois May 25, 2001
Sports and Racism Cleveland, Ohio March 31, 2001
Predatory Lending Cleveland, Ohio March 23, 2001
Globalization Akron, Ohio November 10-11, 2000
Association of American Geographers New York, New York March 1-4, 2001
East Lakes Division of the Association of American Geographers Oxford, Ohio October 20, 2000
Environmental Justice Minneapolis, Minnesota April 15, 2000
Graduate Classes
Research Methods
Spatial Analysis
Geographic Information Systems
Global Environmental Politics
Urban Geography
Seminar: Regional Analysis
Seminar: Urban Geography & Globalization
Sociology of Gender
History of Geographic Thought
Field Research Methods
Sociological Theory
Sociology of Work
Research Design & Methods
College Teaching for Sociologists
Early Sociological Thoughts
Policy Matters Ohio Research assistant
American Friends Service Committee Webpage assistance
Independent Akron Media project
Peace intern
University of Akron Graduate assistant
Meridian Environmental Technologies, Inc. Web programmer
University of North Dakota Computer Science REU program assistant
Banker Systems, Inc. Y2K Support Line
University of North Dakota Computer Science researcher
University of North Dakota University Learning Center - tutor
Coborns, Incorporated Cashier, bagger, stocker