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The name says it all: We believe in the right to food, not the production and use of bombs. We believe in people over profits, we believe in life over death.

The USDA estimates that there are more than 3 million people in the US living in hunger and more than 10 million who are food insecure (cannot consistently get the food they need to be healthy).

Half of the US federal budget is spent on "defense" (although American soil has not faced an invading army to defend against since the British in the 19th century). Corporations make huge profits selling weaponry to the US military, which is paid for by our tax dollars.

There is a direct correlation between the inequity in society and the abusive, violent, unaccountable, and non-participatory system that creates weapons of destruction. The weapons are made with money that otherwise could be used to help feed, house, and care for the health of people.

Food Not Bombs claims that, were this a just society, we would have no hungry citizens and would spend zero dollars making cluster bombs, land mines, and "smart" bombs. Our priorities are askew. Food Not Bombs aims to point this out and offer an alternative vision for improving society.