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Food Not Bombs is a decentralized movement that is over 20 years old. People in hundreds of cities through out the world are active in Food Not Bombs chapters. More info on the FNB movement

There are three rough principles that most chapters follow:

  1. The consensus decision making process

    Decisions are made collectively by the group, there is no "boss", and all actively participate in a respectful fashion.

  2. Non-violence

    We are opposed to anything that causes harm to others... in order to rid the world of violence, one must act non-violently with others, through action, words, and policy. Gandhi also once said: "poverty is violence".

  3. Vegetarianism

    We do not serve any meat in our meals. We do this for a number of important reasons, ranging from health-concerns to animal rights to the ecological and economical sustainability of not using meat.

Food Not Bombs also functions with other goals in mind:

  • Publicizing and politicizing hunger
  • Opposing war and violence
  • Offering alternative methods for the operation of society
  • Opening up public space
  • Creating solidarity and mutual aid amongst people
  • Revolution!

So, how can YOU help??

  • Gather donated food
  • Help cook the food
  • Serve the food
  • Propagandize Food Not Bombs' message and attract new people
  • Contribute financial support
  • Get donated utensils/dishes, clothing, and money.

Please use our contact information to join the Food Not Bombs movement!!