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American Business Press (ABP), is a magazine trade association of specialized business publishers, which represents the business press in a rapidly changing marketplace by providing a unified voice on issues that affect the publishing industry. Their website allows all those involved in the distribution of business news a place to meet, network and find out current information. There are over 850 publications represented, more than 165 industries and over 27 million reads.

Known for $8 commisions and an ad campaign with young carrot-top Stuart and his know nothing older boss.  Rankings tend to rate the site lower for customer service.

The University of Michigan provides you with business and public information sources available on the web which are organized into twelve categories.

The Best Cities to Earn and Save Money
This study is an overall measure by major metropolitan area of the general financial security of residents in a specific area compared to other large metropolitan areas in the United States.  Go to the link that says "125 Places to Earn & Save Money" on the homepage.

The most comprehensive and easy-to-use investment charting site on the Web. FREE interday and historical charts, quotes, and research on over 24,000 stocks, mutual funds, and indexes. However, these charts use java script so they cannot be printed!

An extensive list of links to businesses with Web sites on the Internet. Companies are organized according to the goods or services they provide.

This FREE sites provides pages of stock information, US and foreign interest rates, municipal bond yields, cross currency rates, and spot commodity prices that can't be found elsewhere in one site. Hear RealAudio clips from Bloomberg's global network of correspondents, reporting live from the scene. Little interpretation offered.

For those interested in more than stocks and mutual funds, BRIEFING.COM Professional is one of the few sites offering professional-caliber same-day analysis of the foreign exchange and fixed-income markets. For $25/month, you get sophisticated stock coverage, with technical trading points, assessments of more than a dozen industry sectors, and a "Story Stocks" feature that analyzes more than 50 big movers each day -- more than anyone else.

This site is devoted to business research, it offers links to thousands of mailing lists and discussion groups related to business, technology, computers and science, among others, and a directory of scholarly and professional electronic conferences. One can also find articles, papers and case studies. @BRINT characterized by The Wall Street Journal as "Premier Collection of Contemporary Business, Management and Technology Issues."

Business Cycle Indicators
A wide variety of leading economic and business indicators.

Business Reasearcher's Interests
A great variety of resources for the serious market researcher. Over 2,000 links to online research tools including newspapers, full-text databases, online libraries and free reports.

Business Tools
A Web site from CCH that provides a comprehensive list of ready-to-use templates, checklists and model business documents. You never know when one of these documents may come in handy!

This site surveys low rate cards. If you pay your credit card bills in full each month, the site can also help you find no-fee cards.

Charles Schwab
The pioneer discount broker maintains its edge as the largest online brokerage by means of savvy product offerings and top level customer service, not rock bottom commissions.

Controller Magazine
Dedicated to covering the world of accounting and finance. The website provides selected articles from each issue and helpful tips for spreadsheet users.

Corporate Conduct Quarterly
Each quarterly issue provides feature articles coverage of corporate ethics debates. The site grapples with tough questions concerning corporate ethics and responsibility.

Crain's Now
The Online Home of Crain's Cleveland Businessgives readers summaries of each day's business news. Provides a calendar of events and access to Crain's Internet Interchange--Northeast Ohio's most comprehensive guide to electronic mail and WWW addresses of area businesses.

CyberInvest is a repository of reviewed and selected investment related websites. The sites are listed in 'Cyberinvesting Guides' by category including brokers, banks, mutual funds, interest rates and 'zines. The guides show all the different features that the sites offer in a chart format. No matter what type of online investment, informational, or other market service website you are looking for, you can find it here.

DLJ Direct
Mid-priced commisions here and lots of research available, especially for customers who maintain large balences.  Access to IPOs for those who maintain $100,000 or more.

E-Line Financials
Your most comprehensive source of financial and investment information. Featuring a vast array of financial links, as well as stock quotes, financial reports and other information for over ten thousand publicly-traded companies.

Cheap commissions aimed at the fast-trading crowd.  Systems have been upgraded for more capacity, but complaints still crop up about delayed response during fast markets.

Download the student edition of EXPO. EXPO is a powerful data analysis and display package, used by traders and analysts at major Wall Street firms and around the world. It is often described as a "data analysis worksheet" or "time series and matrix worksheet."

A free Web clipping service that can search a database of more than 300 publications, and can track up to 20 specific news topics on a daily basis or browse broad news categories. Excite's clipping database includes publications ranging from Sports Illustrated to The New York Times.

Calculate  thecost of financing and refinancing your investments and receive online assistance.

Finance Online Coming soon!
All types of financial info on the web--quotes, charts, news and more.

The Financial Data Finder
Points to financial and economic data available on the Web and elsewhere.

Provides information about government asset sales, and to link and inform public and private sector financial management professionals in government. It seeks to innovate and optimize the way governments manage and account for taxpayer resources. In its listing of general public offerings of government assets for sale, it includes: HUD Asset Sales, US Sales, Canadian Government Sales, and others.

Financial Pipeland
A stream of basic information on stocks, bonds, and investment strategies.

Financial Times
An excellent site for international business and economic news. About 20 articles per day including top stories from the US. One can search for an article published in the previous 30 days.

Financial Toolbox
Includes A Guide to Futures and Options Quotations, Hypertextual Finance Glossary, Original Extended Finance Glossary, Options Pricer, Basics on creating WWW pages, Exploring the Efficient Frontier , and Option Arbitrage Relations and Option Dynamics.

The Financial Scandals
This site deals with corruption and fraud in banking, finance and related areas. The largest section, Classic Financial Scandals. In addition there are sections on related topics such as political corruption, money laundering, organized crime, official regulatory and anti fraud organizations, other bodies fighting fraud, and finally, financial scandals in fiction.

A comprehensive source of economic and financial information.

Forbes ASAP
The only business magazine that boasts regular contributions from Tom (The Right Stuff) Wolfe. A special supplement to Forbes magazine, Forbes ASAP (and its online companion) focuses on the information technology business. Okay, it's unapologetically rah-rah about all things capitalistic and all too often a mere mouthpiece for George Gilder. And yeah, too much screen space is devoted to promoting Forbes ASAP conferences. Nonetheless, it carries tech-friendly business writing you won't find in the Wall Street Journal.

Fortune 500
A searchable database of the top-selling companies as ranked by Fortune. Links to the web pages of Fortune companies are included.
A new bargin service from Ameritrade.  Typical buy-and-sell orders are commission-free.  Stop and limit orders are $5 a pop.  No stock transfers, options,short sales, or mutual funds.  What do you want for nothing?

Futures and Options Guide
Futures and Options E-Zine, free quotes, charts, market updates

A FREE site with numerous articles written by leaders in the financial industry. Select from tools that let you follow your stock picks and research companies.

Guide to Economics Information on the Internet
One of the most comprehensive sources of economic information on the Internet which is updated regularly. Provides annotated address of specific sites with a description of what you'll find.

Hoover's Online
This site offers market place information, the latest news, FREE company information, job finding, IPO filings, audio news, and more. Try a FREE 2 week trial.

HSH Associates New!
It is the world's leading publisher of mortgage and comsumer loan information.

Industry Week
Penton's publication is for management types, with CEO profiles and all-too-real game called "Climb the Corporate Ladder."

Interactive Week
This is a convenient place to get concise summaries of the latest news from the technology sector. No glitz--just cold, hard facts with a few insightful opinion columns thrown in for good measure.

InterQuote Financial Quote Services
InterQuote Financial Quote Services has a primarily text-based home page.  It provides current (15-minute delay) and end-of-day information on stocks, options, indices, and futures from most of the American and Canadian exchanges.

The InvestorsEdge
Extensive financial and investment information FREE. Funded by corporate sponsors who have the privilege of providing additional financial and investor information about their companies through the service. Stock quotes, mutual fund quotes, most active listing news, and corporate information. Registration is required.

IPO Investor Guide
This web site provides stock research, investing, personal finance, and learning. It is a leading guide to investing on the web. Free e-mail newsletter is offered.

J.P Morgan
A $2,500 annual fee buys you 24 commission-"free" trades, but what you are really paying for is state-of-the-art finanial diagnostics and membership in a millonaire's club.  New money welcome.

Mogan Stanley Dean Witter
Standard commissions have nearly doubled to $29.95 since the Discover Brokerage name was dropped.  For a $49.95 commission, you can buy a Blue Chip Market Basket of ten stocks.  Plenty of research.  Wireless trading.

The Motley Fool
FoolWeb provides investment advice, updates on the market and a healthy does of humor and common sense for the individual investor.

My Yahoo!
A free service from yahoo that lets you pick the information you want to see. Choose from the latest business news, indexed by company, including coverage of over 40 industries; update sports scores; headline news including extensive coverage of the breaking stories you are interested in; web resources; and much much more!

National Discount Brokers
Highly rated site with a great range of products and customer service.  Real time portfolio updates.  What's with the duck logo?

Net Profit
This online publication helps readers to keep up with the evolution of commerce on the Internet. Its news and feature articles are a must read for anyone doing business on the Web.
The c|net news juggernaut does its usual comprehensive,old-pro, dry-as-year-old-crackers job of covering the tech business. Long news stories on the day's mergers, lawsuits, and announcements, plus short takes and links to other news sites. The c|netters rarely break new ground, but they do a  great job of reporting on the established territory.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) charters, regulates, and supervises national banks to ensure a safe, sound and competitive national banking system that supports the citizens, communities and economy of the United States.

PR Web

Search through their online database for current press releases by area of business. Join an online discussion group.



Quicken Financial Network
Answers to financial questions, stock and mutual fund quotes, real time term life insurance quotes, insurance, banking, and news highlights, searchable news and financial links. Free stock quotes, business news, and other useful resources.

Scout Report for Business & Economics
The target audience of the new Scout Report for Business & Economics is faculty, students, staff, and librarians in business and economics. Each biweekly issue offers a selective collection of Internet resources covering topics in the field that have been chosen by librarians and content specialists in the given area of study.

Silicon Investor
With more than 60,000 active subscribers including many engineers, software developers, and even CEOs posting more than 1.3 million notes to their message boards to date, you will find no shortage of expert analysis on hundreds of tech stocks, ranging from mighty Microsoft to tiny Tekelec. Also provides current stock quotes, financial data, and nifty charts that let you compare the performances of different stocks. There is no charge just to surf SI's boards, but if you would like to post your own messages, cast your vote in SI's weekly Bull/Bear survey, or create customized stock groups. Be prepared to fork out $75 for a lifetime membership.

The Street
Savviest analyses of the dayís big stories and current market trends are on THE STREET. The Streetís small team of reporters produces an original report each evening that represents the best end-of-day analysis around. For $13/month, you get the dayís top stories, corporate earnings, and economic news.

A print and online magazine. The site regularly serves up interviews with today's digital movers and shakers, in-depth features on Hollywood and Silicon Valley business, and daily news. And each story contains handy offsite links.

Wachowicz's Web World
The web site for discerning finance students. Provides many many links which are worth checking out!

Wall Street City
The investor's supersite on the web. Learn about when to buy and sell, find an investment. research an investment, learn about investing. Talk to other investors, find out what's working now, view the market commentary, and read today's top stories.

Wall Street Research Net
Wall Street Research Net consists of over 250,000 links to help professional and private investors perform fundamental research on actively traded companies and mutual funds and locate important economic data that moves markets.

Wall Street Trader's Column
A Stock Market broadcast featuring 16 stocks daily.

Updated daily on business days, this online news and media resource features extensive coverage of the writing and publishing industries. Other offerings include World news, Arts news, an extensive news media database with over 1000 links, and a free job listing service.

A dynamically updated Real-Time stock quotation system featuring the organizational and evaluation power of the E-Valuator. Allows you to watch your stocks just like an investor on the floor would.

Zacks Investment Research
Offers trading, mutual fund and banking information, FREE research, and a wide variety of other products and services. A FREE trial period is available.

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