Financial Calculators

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APR Calculators

APR Calculator- How much the loan really cost you? This calculator considers 'other costs', which are not clearly defined.
APR/Front End Calculator -Calculation of 'upfront cost'.
Mortgage payment and APR- Calculates the monthly mortgage payment and APR with the available information
Mortgage 101- What is APR of this loan?

Auto Loan and Leasing Calculators

AutoSite Loan/Lease Calculator- Find the value of vehicle from the down payment and terms in months.
Webfoot's Loan Payment Calculator- Find monthly payment from price of vehicle and down payment
Car Leasing Payment Calculator- Calculation of monthly payment
Auto Loan Calculator- Yahoo auto-all about buying and selling a car!
Should I lease or purchase?- Check out at yahoo auto!!
Lending tree calculators

Budgeting Calculators
How much am I spending? How much will it cost to raise a child? what's it worth to reduce my spending? Budgeting Calculator has all those answers!!!

College Tution Calculators

Tuition Savings Calculator - Check out how a 'proud' father of more than two children arranges finances for educating his children!! Interesting calculator!!!
Expected Future Education Cost Calculator- Find out required savings per period by considering return on investment and years required to complete the education.
Sallie Mae's College Planning Calculators- How would you pay for education of your children? Check out this link for various tuition fee payment options.
Smart Guide to Financial Aid- How much the school will cost to me?

Credit Calculators
How important are interest rates? Check out Credit Card Calculators
Analyze your credit line by using Credit Line Calculators

Currency Calculators
How many Canadian dollars is equal to one Danish Krone? Find out with Bloomberg currency calculator
Do you want to estimate how much credit can you handle? Use Financial Calculators to find it out.

This web site provides many kinds of finacial calculators such as Credit Grade Calculator, The payment & Amortization Schedule Calculator, The Refinance Calcualtor, The Income Qualifaiction Calculator, etc. You can
download the Home Buyer's Calculator for free.

Fun Calculators
Are you in the 'ideal range' of HWP? Use Body Mass Calculator to find it out!!!!!
At what time will the sun rise on 18th November 2003 in Colorado? Here is Sunrise/Sunset calculator to help you out with that!
Use Weight & Temperature Conversions calculator for conversion of weights and temperature

General Financial Calculators
Universal Currency Converter- Provides you all currency exchange rates.
More General Financial Calculators- Check out everything from Mortgage refinance to college funding
JavaScript Financial Calculators- Get the 'personalized calculator output' by using Java applets
WebPricer - Phone Rate Calculator- This is an automated tool to determine the price of state to state residential long distance calls
Find out the output of financial computations in overseas markets by using Canadian Calculators and French Calculators
Calculate CPI from 1913 till the date by using Consumer Price Index and Inflation Rates, 1913-
What is equivalent of 100K earned in Augusta (GA) to Evanston (IL). Find out using the Salary Calculator
TIAA-CREF Web Center Provides calculators for decision making and for finding out growth/expense projection
Find out everything from Mortgage to auto financing by using RBC Centura web site - Financial calculators
Use Java calculators for financial training, testings and simulations.
Mortgage and Financial calculators by Hugh Chou assist you for various financial calculations.

Insurance Calculators

Investment Calculators
Stock, Bond, & Mutual Fund Calculators  New!- Finance Center provides calculators for stocks, bonds and for mutual funds.
'Sectorupdates' web site provides various investment calculators from stock screening tools to 401K planner! 

Loan and Savings Calculators
How Prepaying will change my Loan
Monthly Payment Table Generator
Debt Consolidation Calculator
Simple Savings Calculator
Savings @  Cool!
Savings Planning Calculator
Simple Loan Calculator
True Investment Yield
Retirement Savings Calculator
Retirement Spending Calculator
Present Value Calculator
Future Value/Annuity Calculation
Income Sensitive Loan Calculator
Taxed and Non-taxed Compounding Calculator

Miscenalleous Calculators
Find out how wealthy are you by using Wealth Calculator
Future Value/Annuity Calculation
Annuity Comparison Calculator
Prepayment vs. Investment
Nominal and Effective Interest Rate Calculator
Inflation Calculator

Real Estate Mortgage Calculators
How much house can you afford?
FinanCenter: Home Purchase and Financing  Great Site!
Bloomberg Mortgage Calculator
Calculate Your Mortgage
Express Mortgage Calculators
Homebuyers' Fair Loan Qualification Calculator
Homebuyers' Fair Mortgage Calculator
Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators
OnLine Mortgage Calculator
RFO Calculators
JavaScript Mortgage Payment Calculator
Mortgage Qualification Calculator
Prepayment Mortgage Reduction Calculator
Canadian Mortgage Payment Calculator
FHA vs. Conventional 95 LTV Loan Calculator
Balloon Convertible Mortgages
Mortgage Payment Calculator  NEW!
How much you will save by refinancing
True Cost Calculator by Lending tree finds out all the costs associated with the mortgage

Retirement Calculators
Planning for Retirement & IRAs  New!
IRA/401(k)/403(b) Retirement Calculation
Retirement Calculator
Retirement Calculator @
Retirement Calculator
Retirement Calculator

Statistical Calculators

Tax Calculators & Info
KPMG provides a quick glance at the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2000
Tax Interest Calculator
SecureTax -On-Line Income Tax Calculators
Estate Tax Calculator
Armey Flat Tax vs. Regular Income Tax Calculator

Last Updated: November 27,  2002