(Second Edition)

Kenneth L. Port,  Jay Dratler, Jr.,  Faye M. Hammersley, Esq.,  Terence P. McElwee,
Charles R. McManis, and Barbara A. Wrigley

On-Line Problem Supplement
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Chapter 6

Problem 6:  "Clearing" Rights in Film Clip for Advertising

A voice recognition automobile developed jointly by Contair and Assist (see Chapters 4 and 5) has become very popular.  For that reason, MPM, the second largest movie production studio in the United States, wants to feature the Estrella with VRS in a movie about a British secret service agent who is very adept at escaping his enemies and attracting women.  The President of Contair loved the idea, but only if Contair is allowed to use some of the movie footage in its advertising, and especially on its web page.

Create a check list of all parties whose permission would be required to successfully negotiate such a license.  Identify the intellectual property each owner might possess and outline a strategy by which you might obtain consent.  What kind of a deal would you propose to each, and what inducements would you offer?

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