Danial Lee Vereb is currently a student attending The University of Akron, Myer's School of Art - majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in numerous fields such as illustration, drawing and art history. Danial first became interested in the field of art after re-discovering his childhood favorite films, Don Bluth's "The Land Before Time" and Disney's "The Great Mouse Detective!" After two years of taking general courses at The University of Akron and his re-discovery of his favorite flms, sparking an interest that finally ignited, he declared graphic design as his major (because The University of Akron did not have a field in animation). The lack of an animation major didn't deter him, he is now minoring in drawing and illustration, which he hopes will eventually land him in graduate school to achieve a degree in animation.

Studying under illustration professor Vlada Vukadnovic, Danial created two of his own cartoons. "The Huskies" based on two dogs, with polar opposite personalities spending their day-to-day activities dealing with their angry control freak neighbor who spies on them, a creepy, stalking salesman who won't leave them alone until they agree to buy his products and overall discrimination from the "superior-minded" human population. "The Peanut Heads" is based on the concept of two pieces of candy trying to cope with people trying to eat them. They must co-operate to insure their survival by finding creative ways to escape capture, and ultimately find shelter for themselves.