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I am the Data Services Manager at The Center for Policy Studies at the University of Akron, in Akron (Northeast Ohio, due south of Cleveland). The University is a public institution in a post-industrial city of about 217 thousand individuals in a county (Summit) of approximately 543 thousand residents.

The Center for Policy Studies (formerly known as the Survey Research Center) is a department at the University of Akron that provides demographic data to non-profit and non-partisan entities. These generally include, but are not limited to social service agencies, governmental entities, educators, public interest groups, and the like. The Center also conducts research for similar entities. Research projects include phone and mail studies, focus group analyses, as well as a smattering of other projects.  We are part of the Institute for Health and Social Policy at the University of Akron.

We are a State Data Center, which means we act as a depository for data from the Ohio Department of Development and the United States Census Bureau. We have general demographic data on the the entire United States, more specific data on the State of Ohio, and we specialize in providing data on Summit and adjacent Counties.  Several of the State schools in Ohio are part of the Urban University Program, and perform similar "Community Resource" functions for their areas.  Provided data are commonly used in grant writing, long term planning, education, economic projects, quality assurance, program evaluation, etc...   Data are provided either free or with a minimal charge to help defray expenses.  Studies conducted on behalf of community entities are naturally more expensive than extracting data from a CD ROM, statistical abstract or off-line, and thus will entail a greater expense. Our rates for mail surveys, phone surveys and focus group studies are very competitive.

I am a Masters graduate of the Akron Department of Sociology, which is one part of the University Social Sciences Division of the College of Arts and Sciences.

My undergraduate work was done at Ashland College, in bucolic Ashland, Ohio.   Additionally, I am a licensed social worker in the State of Ohio (hence the LSW after my name.)   Click on the image (the College of Business Administration on Akron's campus) to go to part of my departmental site with images of Akron, past and present.

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