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Dave Witt's Totally Awesome Home Page
Professor of, like, Family Development & stuff
School of Home Economics & Family Ecology (could the name be any longer?)
The University of Akron - Akron, Ohio 44325-6103 Phone (330) 972-6044 (and, no, we don't have like, voice mail!)
Email (yeah, right): david27@uakron.edu
Office Hours: Whenever (like He's ever there!)

My Classes at the UofA
Don't get spazzed - just mouse it on the course number to look at the syllabus (yawn!)
(semesters inred are still not, like working - What a total loser!)

Course Semester Credits
7400.201 Courtship 
(I mean, is this fun or what? bor-ring!)
Fall, Spring, Summer 3 Credits Undergraduate
7400.255 Like, Fatherhood and stuff Spring, Summer 3 Credits Undergraduate
7400.404\504 Adolescence (like He'd
know anything about kids!)
Fall, Summer 3 Credits Undergraduate/Graduate
7400.440/540 Family Crisis (now there's a
totally cheerful subject).
Fall, Summer 3 Credits Undergraduate/Graduate
7400.602 Family in Lifespan Perspective (and 
people say I talk funny!)
Spring, Summer 3 Credits Graduate
7400.607 Family Dynamics (wooo! Science!) Fall, Summer 3 Credits Graduate
7400.685 Research Methods in Home Economics
(like math and stuff!).
Spring 3 Credits Graduate
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The School 
of Home Economics 
and Family Ecology 
at the University of Akron provides information like, you know, about the School, faculty, & our academic programs. Each Division of the School is
totally represented. 

The MidSouth Sociological Assn. Home Page is the web presence for MSSA - the professional organization for like, like, you know, about 250 sociologists (whatever they are!) nationwide. Mas Links to other 
sites!Dave & Susie's Guide to Romance in New Orleans offers tips on visits to the most romantic city (sa-woon) in the United States, as well as instructions for the perfect honeymoon experience (Duh! how hard is that!)
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Connie Black's Best of Texasteaser Tantalizing Texas Thangs
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Get, like,Local again Lubbock, Texas
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