David D. Witt, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor
School of Family & Consumer Sciences

The  University of Akron
Akron, Ohio 

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My Former Classes at the University of Akron
Click on the course number to look at the syllabus
Course Semester Credits
7400.201 Courtship,  Marriage & the Family 
Fall  Spring Summer
3 Credits Undergraduate
7400.255 Fatherhood: The Parent Role Spring, Summer ONLINE
3 Credits Undergraduate
7400. 362 Family Life Management Even Spring
3 Credits Undergraduate
7400.404/504 Middle Childhood/Adolescence
Fall, Summer ONLINE
3 Credits Undergraduate/Graduate
7400.440/540  Family Crisis Fall Semesters
3 Credits Undergraduate/Graduate
7400.441/541 Family Relationships Mid/Later Years
3 Credits Undergraduate Graduate
7400.602  Family in Lifespan Perspective Odd Spring Semesters
3 Credits Graduate
7400.605 Family Dynamics
Even Fall
3 Credits Graduate
7400.685  Research Methods in FCS Spring 3 Credits Graduate

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And suppose you were a member of Congress. 
But I repeat myself.
-  Mark Twain 

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