7400.685-080 - Research Methods in FCS
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Spring Semesters - Tuesday Evenings 5:20-7:55pm in 209 Schrank Hall South
Instructor: David D. Witt, Ph.D.

Take Home Exam 3
Covering material from Week 9 to the end of the semester

1. This question should take up about one third of your final examination.
Design a simple experiment using concepts in your field. Be sure to consider the ideas of experimental and control groups, threats to validity, and the advantages/disadvantages of using experiments. Also:
    a. operationalize the concepts in your research question into an item or items suitable for the questionnaire.
    b. include some demographic measures in your questionnaire.
    c. decide on a type of experimental design and explain how observations would be made.
    d. explain how the three scientific assumptions are upheld (not violated) in your example  

2. Give examples of how each of the goals of science can be served by Experimental Research.

3. Find a good example of an ethnography for your major area of study, or near it.  Feel free to use the internet resources to locate your study.  Explain the characteristics that make your study an ethnography.

4. Describe, by way of an example, the use of Content Analysis.
5. What kind of topics are appropriate for using Content Analysis.
6. Explain the following statement: Often the Secondary data analysis method is exactly the same as Quantitative data analysis, except for the data gathering step.
7. How might existing statistics be useful to a researcher doing descriptive survey research? How could such statistics be used to validate questionnaire data?
8. What are some of the advantages of qualitative research (compared to quantitative research)?
9. How do qualitative and quantitative research methods compliment each other?

10. Evaluation research question coming.