7400.685.080 HOMEWORK - Library Exercise #1

Name _______________________________

Team Up or Go It Alone - but don't split up the work! Find the answers to the questions below before the start of our next class.  Use the UA Library's Main Page http://www.uakron.edu/libraries/ to find the UA Online Catalog at http://library.uakron.edu/screens/opacmenu.html

1. Find the Author, Call Number and Availability Status of a biography of a man named Willie Dixon.   From the very brief information that results from your search, what can you say about was the significance of Mr. Dixon's Life?

Author ________________________________

Call Number & Availability__________________________________________

Who was Mr. Dixon________________________________________________________

2. Now go to the UA Library's ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, where you can find the dissertation titles/years/institution of three of your instructors (the one's with Ph.d's after their names) and the dissertation titles/years/institutions for  the following people: Martin Luther King Jr. and Mayim Bialik. If you cannot access the ProQuest site, try a Google Search at http://www.google.com

1st Instructor Name:                                      Dissertation Title:                                                             Year:                  Institution:

1st Instructor Name:                                      Dissertation Title:                                                             Year:                  Institution:

1st Instructor Name:                                      Dissertation Title:                                                             Year:                  Institution:

Martin Luther King :                                      Dissertation Title:                                                             Year:                  Institution: 

Mayim Bailik          :                                      Dissertation Title:                                                             Year:                  Institution:            

3. Switch over to OhioLINK from the UA Library main menu and find out which libraries hold the book title "San Antonio Rose" by author Townsend.

Who is this book about?_______________________________________________   Which Libraries have this book?

4. While in OhioLink search for the keywords "Ellen Swallow Richards"  in quotations and list out the reference information of the listing that tells you who she was.     
List the reference information: (Author, Publication Year, Title, Publisher)

Briefly, who was Ellen Richards?

5. Now go back to the UA Library's Main Page and find Electronic Resources. There click on a link called Article Indexes and Databases.  You are looking for the Psych INFO Database
Find the reference information of two articles that use the Conflict Tactics Scale.

6. Look over the Article Indexes and Databases for your area of concentration.
Which sections of these databases are relevant to your scholarly interests?


7.  Using an important Article from your discipline, Find the Social Science Citation Index in the Artcle Indexes and Databases. Just play around with the citation abilities by finding an important article and:
    -listing the citations this article used
    -listing all the work that cites this article

    -Now look up some of your instructors
       I'll go over this in class to give you some pointers.

7. Go back to the UA Library Main, and find out the title of the most important scholarly journal in your area of interest?  What is the title of the journal you found?
                What is the Call Number of that journal  
                Where your journal physically resides in the library?
                 What are the titles of the journals on either side of your journal on the library shelf?

8. Send an email to someone in the library and find out the name of the Reference Librarian assigned to the School of Family and Consumer Sciences?

            When is he/she available for consultation on library researchfor students?

            Name & Office Hours___________________________________________________

Your assignment is now completed - turn in an electronic copy to the Springboard Dropbox