April 30

Chapter 1: The Problem
Chapter 2:  Review of the Literature
Chapter 3:  Research Design and Methods
Chapter 4:  Results and Discussion
Chapter 5:  Summary
Look at the bereavement articles from Jennifer's Idea

I had two different research ideas.  The first is to examine what people say to one another after the loss of a loved one and compare that to what people actually find beneficial to hear. 
For example, "It was God's will," versus "I am here for you if you would like to talk." 

Social Support for the Bereaved: Recipients' and Providers' Perspectives on What is Helpful
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 54, Issue: 4, August 1986. pp. 438-446 Lehman, Darrin R.; Ellard, John H.; Wortman, Camille B.

As part of a study of the long-term effects of bereavement, 94 people who had lost either a spouse ( N = 40) or a child ( N = 54) in a motor vehicle accident 4–7 years earlier were asked to describe support attempts from others that were helpful and unhelpful. Support attempts most frequently mentioned as helpful were contact with a similar other and opportunity to express feelings; those most frequently mentioned as unhelpful were giving advice and encouraging recovery. To understand…

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