My thesis concept will focus on the role of Child Life in various cultural settings.
- I will begin with stating the importance and application of Child Life including several proven studies of how Child Life is beneficial:
Further along, I hope to do several things:
  1.  analyze various cultures (including cultural norms, expectations of men, women, boys, and girls), expectations (present and future), forms and levels of expression, perceptions (men, women, boys,girls, professionals, society, etc), forms of communication and communication styles (on a open vs. closed continum, etc.) This willinclude various studies conducted to demonstrate previously assessed and researched concepts.
  2. assess the role of child life in each of the cultures or assess how child life would fit into each of the cultures if it is not present. This would also utilize previously conducted studies and articles published in relation to observations about the role and relevance of child life specialists.
  3.   how child life services could be improved and increased to better serve the needs of the patient and family in our and othercultures based on their values and practices. I may include other previous suggestions, but this is where I would draw or hypothesis (andsupport with research, resources and references) about my own conclusions.
  4.  Possible prospective research ideas for further study asrelevant to my analysis of what is present and what could be useful in the future.