I will be doing and internship in Peru this summer for eight weeks at an Alpaca yarn company and would like to use some of that time doing research. 
My idea so far is to look at how industrialization has effected the culture and needle arts in Peru.
 I would like to do field research with a specific set of questions in mind as I operate among the weavers that work form Misti International.
This is a family owned company that has been in business for four decades. 

I plan on asking the employees questions how industrialization has affected their lives. 
This may give me enough for the field research aspect but I also plan on giving a timeline of how other countries interact with Peru. 

Last year the US ($5.5 billion) was Peru's highest trade partner with China ($3.04 billion) being the second. 
The gap is narrowing between the two because of the slowing US economy, which has decreased in tradw with Peru.