The Cut / Paste Method and Your Assignments

One of the neatest tricks you will learn in this class is the "cut and paste - copy and paste" technique, where the user can Cut or Copy information from one screen and and paste it onto a word processor page. 

You will need your web browser, a word processor, and you can also utilize a graphics processor of some kind if you have one. 

Within the word processor, users commonly select text by highlighting with the mouse, copy selected text using either the Edit/Copy dropdown menu or using Ctrl-C, then move text down a document and paste it at another point using the Edit/Paste dropdown menu or using Ctrl-V.

What folks sometimes do not know is that this same principle can with the word processor and your web browser to copy text from one source and paste it into another  -- within the limits of the software.

For example, it is quite possible to type up a message to someone on your word processor.
After typing, perform the following steps: This puts your text in your computer's temporary memory (there's room for one thing at a time in that temp memory).  Once in "mind" you can fire up your next editor, say your email software and just paste the text where you want it.

Students are free to experiment with this technique when composing their assignments.