Bethany Phillips
April 30    - See this link for Bethany's more complete idea .
I will most likely use the data collected from summit county juvenile court and perhaps some data that will be collected with Dr. Zhao over the summer. I am not sure exactly what my thesis will encompass. I do however want to look at: child maltreatment family environment child behaviors & attitudes, and assessment of these according to family systems theory & child development theories as well.

I will also be looking at attachments these children do/do not have with friends and family.  To do this I will investigate the presence/absence of a parent, what the family unit is comprised of, how the child describes the relationship, what kind(s) of behavior the parent exhibits, and which of these behaviors may the child be mirroring.

But most importantly I will be looking at the family's stability, whether or not the child was maltreated, the child's attitude/behavior, etc. I think it would be important to assess any clinical levels (i.e. depression, anger) the child is either physically expressing or is keeping on the inside.  There is so much information that can be gathered from this dataset.  Right now the dataset includes over 300 juveniles that were assessed according to the SPPI which was administered by a clinical forensic psychologist. All of the juveniles have exhibited antisocial behavior/attitudes and were referred b/c of suspicion of psychiatric problems.  So again, there is much that I can do with this database.