7400.362 - Family Life Management
School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Spring Semester - T-Th 10:45-12:00 Noon
Instructor: David D. Witt, Ph.D.

 Saving for Specific Things

This advice is offered by the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of South Texas at

Saving for the future needs of your family requires some fundamental planning and basic habit forming.
These include keeping track of your spending and simplifying (reducing) your spending. Think of this as dieting.
In order to really lose weight there's watching your intake and exercise - that's all there is to it - no easy road.

Keeping Track of Spending
The only way to know what you are spending is to keep track of every dollar.
This will allow you to see where you are spending money needlessly or carelessly.
A full six months is needed for a diagnosis - and continuing to track spending is the only real way to
get a handle on were your money goes.
Some spending is seasonal - the holidays, birthdays, special recurring events.
Some spending is time-related - child-care spending will go away when Jockomo starts school.
Some spending is sneaky - a toilet that runs or a water supply pipe that leaks can cost you a dollar a day or more.
    Drafty windows let out the air you've spent money to heat in the winter.
    Buying cheaper goods might not save money in the long run if they need to be replaced sooner.

It goes without saying that you can't deny spending that actually happens.
You have to be honest and firm.

Once you find places to reduce spending, work on them according to your ability for the next six months.

Limiting Daily, Weekly and Monthly Spending

Here's some of those habits you can learn:

Tips for Being Prosperous in the Future

Couples & Money - 'Til Debt Do Us Part'

Final Thoughts: Credit Counseling Classes
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