7400.362 - Family Life Management
School of Family and Consumer Sciences

7400.362 Springboard Edition 2011
Spring Semester 5:20-7:55 Thurs Room 115 SHS
Instructor: David D. Witt, Ph.D.

Office Hours: 30 minutes after class and by appointment.
Office 215f SHS Email david27@uakron.edu

Note: The Provost's Office requires that all students taking this class must be registered by the 14th day of classes.

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Course evaluation instructions appear at the end of this online syllabus.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Introduction to management theories, processes and principles as applied to efficient use of human, financial, and material resources in promotion of individual and family well being.


  1. Understand management as a process and how it applies to individuals and to families of different compositions, in changing contexts.
  2. Understand the historical, interdisciplinary and theoretical foundations of family life management.
  3. Become familiar with the basic concepts of life management including: values, attitudes, goals, resources, decision making, problem solving, implementing, evaluating and communicating.
  4. Apply life management principles to the appropriate use of human resources, time management , the balancing of work and family, the management of stress and fatigue, and/or the use of environmental resources and finances.
  5. Explore management concerns facing families in the future.
  6. Explore the use of the internet to enhance classroom learning.
TEXT:Goldsmith, E.(2010)  Resource Management for Individuals and Families, 4th Ed. Students may use earlier editions of the textbook available online - the 3rd edition is priced at around $25 on Amazon.

GROUND RULES: Understanding the material in this course will take effort on your part. Your attendance, attention to your readings, and your performance in class is critical. As students in a mid-level course (300 connotes a junior level course), you need not be reminded of the importance of regular class attendance. However, the choice to attend class or not is strictly up to each individual. But be forewarned that actions, as they say, have consequences. Lecture material will definitely appear on in-class examinations, and only one comprehensive make-up exam will be given during finals week for anyone who missed any exam at the time it was originally given. Further, attendance points will be included in your final grade average. We will be discussing the text material in class, which means that Students must read the text assignments before class time.

GRADES: Your final grade will consist of the following:

    • Attendance points
       (0-2 absences=50 points, 3=40, 4=30, 5=20, 6=10, 7 or more=0 points)
    • Three in-class examinations  (100 points each) 300 points for exams - All examinations will be of the multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, essay type and all will be held in class (see the course outline).
    • Six take home assignments (25 points each) 150 points for assignments. Assignments are listed below.You ill have assignments or examinations due 9 out of 15 weeks. Cant be late - Can't be incomplete.  Dates and times are on the syllabus. Ink them in your calendars now!
    Total possible points for the class:  Attendance 50 + Exams 300 + Assignments 150 = 500 points.
Course Outline
Date Assignments (Readings and Preparations must be done prior to class)

Week 1
Jan 12

Introductions, Overview of Course, Definitions of Family and Management. 
Topic 1 Management Today

Thursday Jan 19 - 1st take home assignment due in class
Week 2
Jan 19

Topic 2 Management History and Theories
Thursday Jan 26 - 2nd take home assignment due in class
Saving for
Specific Things

Week 3
Jan 26

Topic 3 Values Attitudes and Goals 
Thursday Feb 2 - 3rd take home assignment due in class
Vacations at Home

Week 4
Feb. 2

Topic 4 Resources             Study Questions for Exam 1 How Inflation Works!

Week 5
Feb. 9

Tuesday Exam 1 (100 points)
Securing a Home Loan

Week 6
Feb. 16

Topic 5 Decision Making and Problem Solving 
Thursday Feb 23 - 4th take home assignment due in class
Credit Card
Week 7 
Feb. 23
Topic 6 Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating TBA
Week 8
Mar 1
Topic 7 Communication & Topic 8 Managing Human Resources Arguing Effectively

Week 9
Mar 8

Topic 9 Managing Time
Thursday Mar 22 - 5th take home assignment due in class
Cost of Television

Week 10
Mar 22

Topic 10 Managing Work and Family - Study Questions for Exam 2 Family Rituals

 Week 11
Mar 29

Tuesday Exam 2 (100 points) 
Week 12
Apr 5
Topic 11 Managing Stress and Fatigue  Material World
Week 13
Apr 12
Topic 12 Managing Environmental Resources 66 Ways to Save Money
Week 14
Apr 19
Topic 13 Managing Finances
Thursday Apr 19 - 6th take home assignment due in class
Saving for the Future
Week 15
Apr 26
Topic 14 Future Challenges
Final Exam
May 3rd
Take Home Exam (100 points) End of Semester
Course Evaluations: Please take time to fill out the
online evaluation for this course at  http://www.uakron.edu/hefe/evalform.htm