Essay Examination #4 for Family Dynamics
Instructor: D. D. Witt, Ph.D.
Your final draft of each essay should be typed and double spaced. Each question should be answered concisely and thoroughly.
Read the questions carefully before beginning a thorough outline of each part (include your outline with your final draft).
Finally, flesh out your answers in a critical, reflective form.

Keep in mind that you have only four essays for the entire course.
As graduate students, you should be able to draw in concepts from your previous classes and training.
You should be able to answer each question satisfactorily in about 1000 words.
If you get stuck ask questions of the instructor in class.
Due dates for each question are listed in the course outline.

4. Explain in general why some kind of systems approach to social theory makes sense in terms of overall breadth and depth of a theory's usefulness to researchers.
a. Discuss and explain the development of middle range theories in social science as response to the conceptual failure of the grand theories (i.e., structural-functional theory, personality theories, economic theories).
b. Discuss Feminism as a theoretical issue and why the concepts developed in social science, including an interpretation of the development of social expectations and an individual's motivation for interaction from a Feminist point of view.
c. Describe and explain how a Feminist perspective changes the basic thrust or meaning of symbolic interaction theory, social exchange theory, or conflict theory (i.e. Discuss one of these theories in Feminist terms).

Prepare your answer in MSWord format and submit through the Dropbox function on the Springboard system.