7400.401 Courtship , Marriage and the Family
Topic 19 - Wrapping up the Class
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In the time we've spent together in Courtship class, we have discussed the factors that make up healthy, happy, harmonious marriage and family relationships, all of which we manage while facing uncertainty in a complex, changing world. We have moved through the concepts of single living, falling in love, human sexuality, and mate selection through to the  processes of marital communication and management of family resources to widowhood, divorce, remarriage, and step-parenting.  In other words, we've covered the bulk of the lifecycle for the typical American famly. That is quite a lot of ground to cover in one semester. Those of you who are majors in the School of Family & Consumer Sciences at the University of Akron know that we offer whole courses in each of the subject areas covered in this class. Thus, your courtship class provides a basic foundation for further study in child and family development.  For those of you who are FCS majors, you have many good classes ahead of you.

For those of you that are not majors in the School of FCS , I invite you to take advantage of the courses we offer.  Each one is an in-depth look at the subject matter, giving you both personal and professional access to many years of study and research - and sometimes best practices for family and home life.  To get some idea of what we have to offer, look through the bulletin, or better - access the Child and Family Development Pages.  Our faculty is listed by area of specialization, the various programs of study are detailed, and something else is waiting for you there.

We have listed several minor courses of study and interdisciplinary certificates - all based on our courses - that will help you to increase your credentials as you prepare for life post-college. Feel free to email me anytime at david27@uakron.edu and set up an appointment time so we can talk about your elective choices.

I wish you the best in your personal choices in life. I hope you'll keep your textbook and notes for future reference.
If you enjoyed the course, I invite you to take the next logical step to aid in your collection of useful tools in developing your own family by enrolling in one of the sections of 7400.265 Child Development, which is offered several times a year and in the summer.    Please send any comments about the course you've just taken to me.  More importantly, please do  take time to fill out the anonymous online evaluation for this course at http://www3.uakron.edu/witt/evalform.htm.

Best Wishes - hope to see you in another class in the near future,
Prof. David  Witt