Special Topics/Term Paper Instructions for Graduate Students in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

INSTRUCTIONS: Your work to be a polished piece that reviews a single aspect of adolescent development and family interaction.
Students should document their scholarly search by using review sheets (see example here).
The completed paper should include an outline accompanied by the article reviews and the main paper, complete with the following sections:

Papers should be at least 15 pages, carefully prepared to make a point, double spaced, typewritten.

Use the Following Topics Guide and Journal Listing if you are unfamiliar with topics and sources.
  1. Adolescent/Peer Relationships
  2. The Developing Adolescent Personality
  3. Adolescent Family Relationships
  4. Adolescent Gender Identity
  5. Adolescent Sexuality
  6. Adolescent Problems - substance abuse, school performance, depression, bullying, etc.