Middle Childhood & Adolescence

School of Family & Consumer Sciences    Instructor: Lyalee Ali
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  1. To provide the student with an understanding and appreciation of the physical, psychological, and social development occurring during adolescence.
  2. To stimulate an analysis of the sociocultural forces that influence development during adolescence. This should enhance self understanding as the student
    reflects on his or her own development.
  3. To facilitate an understanding of the sources of knowledge about adolescent development (the social science research process).
  4. To highlight the developmental needs of adolescents and thereby identify possible problems. The delineation of intervention procedures
    will also be touched upon.

TEXTBOOK: Santrock, John, (2010-2014) Adolescence: An Introduction, 12th Edition (Students may use any edition from 8th onward). If students choose an earlier edition, BE MINDFUL of the chapter content - I will be lecturing according to topic/content and not chapter numbers.


  1. Students are expected to keep up with the readings & assignments, and to turn in all written work on time.
  2. Students are expected to critically interpret the content of the text and notes.
GRADES: Your final grade** will consist of two main parts:

1. Five Examinations 100 points each exam -  100 points each
2. Four 1 page "movie reviews"                             25 points each
  ...  for a total of 600 points.
To figure your final average, simply total up your earned points and divide by 600.
This arithmetic results in a percentage of total points earned.
Final grades will be given using the standard breakdown:
    A = 93-100%    A- = 90-92%    B+ = 87-89%    B = 82-86%    B- = 80-82%    C+ = 77-79%
72-76%    C- = 70-72%    D+ = 67-69%    D = 62-66%    D- = 60-62% and F = 59% or lower

Graduate Students: click here for additional required assignments for graduate students.

EXAMINATIONS: Five essay examinations will be given during the summer sessions. Each exam covers about 20 percent of the course material - notes and text. Because the exams are take home and essay, students must take special care to read and understand the instructions for each essay exam

To be safe and help to insure full credit for your work, be sure to write thorough and detailed responses to each of the essay questions. This means:

  1.  Prepare your essay exams at home, keeping in mind that all I have to evaluate your understanding of the course material is what you write, so ...
  2. Write more than you feel would be adequate to help insure full credit. Adequate in this class is a grade of C.
  3. Save to your work to your computer's hard drive, then
  4. upload your document to the Springboard Dropbox. I'm available to anyone who needs special instruction in using the Springboard course management system.

Movie Reviews: there is a series of educational movies, available online, for students to view on their own. Clicking on the movie listing in the course outline below will bring up the movie website,  then submit a detailed review of the movie's relevance to the study of middle childhood and adolescence. 
See the Movie Review Instructions here   Movie Review Sample here.

Due Dates - Movie Reviews and Examinations are due in the Dropbox by midnight on the Sunday night AFTER they appear on the syllabus.  For example, for Week 2 (09/01 - 09/07) you see the first review is due in the dropbox by midnight on or before Sunday Sept. 7th.  Just to make it as simply as possible, When reviews or exams appear on the course outline below, they are always due the following Sunday evening by Midnight,
Course Outline
Course Evaluations: Please take time to fill out the online evaluation for this course at