Postdoctoral Position

I am looking to fill a postdoctoral position with experience in ultrafast laser spectroscopy in my research group.  This position will involve the use of time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy (time-correlated single photon counting, TCSPC), ultrafast femtosecond pump-probe absorption spectroscopy and single molecule spectroscopy.  The postdoctoral fellow will perform experiments in energy and electron transfer in donor-acceptor dyads, triads, self-assemblies and photovoltaic oligomers.  I will be happy to provide some details if necessary. 

Preference will be given to applicants with experience in TCSPC, ultrafast transient absorption spectroscopy and steady state fluorescence spectroscopy.

The position is available immediately. Inquiries, CVs and letters of recommendation should be sent (preferably by e-mail) to:

David A. Modarelli
Department of Chemistry
The Center for Laser and Optical Spectroscopy
Knight Chemical Laboratory
The University of Akron
190 E. Buchtel Avenue
Akron, OH  44325-3601
(330)972-7366 Phone
(330)972-7370 FAX